Ramstein the beer, as opposed the band or air field

Took a trip out to Butler, NJ today to the High Point Brewery with Dan, our resident beer snob. Dan got a notice from the brewery about an open house promoting the following:

We are proud to announce that a new beer with a limited release – Project “Z” is on currently on tap at the brewery. Project “Z” is a Schwarzbier. In addition, we have Ramstein Blonde Hefe-Weizen, Eisbock, and Golden Lager on tap.”

Sounded pretty good to me so we scheduled a Saturday afternoon trip to North Jersey. After 30 mins on the bus and an hour drive later we arrived at High Point only to find out the open house was next weekend. Waaaa-waaaaaaa. Did we just have a colossal FAIL?

Luckily for us owner Greg Zaccardi was in the brewery and let us in. Dan’s dreams of filling his growler with some Ramstein Ice Bock were not going unaswered. Instead, a private tasting for 2! We tried the Ice Storm, Schwarzbier and my favorite, the Mai Bock. Probably the closest thing to a pilsner, you know like Coors or Miller but still bursting with strong flavor. The Scwazbier was a rare mix of flavors with a strong taste of almond. Definitely unique. The Ice Bock was one of the most instense beers I have ever had. It took 2 or 3 sips to actually grasp the full scope of the beer. Dan had his growler filed with it. I bought a 6er fo the winter wheat, thanked Greg for his time and we took off.

The High Point, known for it’s Ramstein beers, was started by Greg after years of liviung in Germany and homebrewing. Ramstein exclusively crafts wheat beers using ingredients imported from Bavaria. The beers are unique, delicious and award winning.


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