The other kind of beer

To celebrate the first day of year to hit the 80 degrees Fahrenheit mark, we took a trip to local German beer garden, Hallo Berlin. Known for its unique collection of authentic German beers and German Soul Food, Hallo Berlin is a unique part of the Hell’s Kitchen community in NYC.

While Marc and I opted for the Hefeweizen Yeast Wheat, my wife decided to try something that blew us both away. Not being much of a beer drinker, she opted to have a cold Root beer. When it arrived I was surprised to see it was made by the Saranac Brewery of Utica New York. More known for their ales and lagers, had crafted up one delicious root beer. Upon further investigation, I discovered that they hand craft their root beer in small batches. This truly is dedication to craft. The Saranac Root beer has all the flavor of a regular root beer but a little more bite than I am used to. It was quite tasty and I will be looking for it at my local grocery store!

– Rev


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