Franziskaner and Weihenstephaner Weiss Beers

My good friend Sonny had a rooftop BBQ at his pad in Astoria-Queens this past weekend. While picking up grill-ectables, I took a peek at the grocery beer selection only to find a very unique collection of micro-brews. I opted for 2 beef hefe-weiss tour of Germany.

First up, Franziskaner Dunkel Hefe-weisse from Munich, Germany. The brewery first opened in 1363. The Dunkel has a 5.0% ABV with a slightly sweet but nice malty flavor. It was more light than it was heavy in it’s pour. I quite enjoyed.

Second stop on the German mini-beer tour was a Weihenstephaner throughout the drink. Hefe weissbier. It’s the world’s oldest brewery and it’s located in Freising, Germany. Their weissbier is 5.4% ABV and has a very crisp drink to it. It was more carbonated than I expected with lots of bubbles It was bitter but delicious

P.S. Thank you Sonny for a great Sunday night excuse to BBQ and drink beer.


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