Last night in NYC, I attended the Indy Spirits Expo that featured 40 up-and-coming brands in the liquor world. Coming from the independent side of the music industry, I always like to support the smaller companies, well, because they usually do it better.

Unlike the other events I’ve gone to, and covered on this blog, this one had more than just whiskey. Though, it was always great to get more of a taste of the Tuthilltown Distillery’s Hudson brand. I went down the whole line starting with their Corn Whiskey and ending with their Single Malt, though the Manhattan Rye definitely stood out as my favorite.

Speaking of Rye, another new brand, Templeton Rye was representing. Based in Iowa and only available there and Illinois, it was one that Rob was sad for having to miss – and for good reasons. Templeton actually started in the Prohibition era, and the grandson of the founder is bringing it back “legally” this time. Hoping it makes it to bars and stores in NYC in the next year.

Besides the whiskeys above, here were some standouts from the show that you should check out:

CORE VODKA – Small batch vodka made exclusively from hand picked apples in NY Hudson Valley

RUSSIAN DIAMOND VODKA – Some of the smoothest vodka I have ever tasted, distilled over diamonds and is the official vodka of the Kremlin

SQUARE ONE VODKA – Their Cucumber infusion was an amazing flavored vodka. Made from 100% organic rye

LUNA SUENO TEQUILA – Tried the Blanco, which for a non-tequila drinker like me, was an easy one of handle on the rocks

BRINLEY GOLD RUM – The Coffee flavor reminder me of Patron Cafe, but with a better aftertaste (rum instead of tequila obviously)


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