Sleeping Lady Brewery

When you’re on tour with a band and your name doesn’t rhyme with Shareomith or The Bowling Scones, back stage catering can be dicey. If you get towels, water, Gatorade and a couple of beers, your generally ok. Sometimes you get the tray of sweat deli meets or the unrecognizable hairy fruit and life just sucks. While in Alaska on tour with Shadows Fall, at Club Millenium in Achorage, we hit the jackpot. A local brewery called the Sleeping Lady, provided back stage libations.

The brewmaster came in and set up 2 back stage taps, the “Gold Rush Golden Ale” and the “Fish-On IPA.” One sip of the Golden Ale and I knew we had won. It has a soft hoppy start with a strong malty finish. I almost didn’t want to change to the Fish-On because it was so good. But I did and was very happy. It has a very strong smell and a vibrant taste with a bitter fruit bite. I quite enjoyed.

Thanks to the Sleeping Lady for taking great care of us.


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