Heartland Brewery Seasonsals

Original post can be found on Burger Conquest

As a beer advocate and blogger (see One Barrel Bar site) I thought you might appreciate hearing about the brews I tried.

Bavarian Black Lager
This is known as a “Schwarzbier” which in a direct translation from German means “Black beer.” At 6.50 ABV, this mild, porter-like brew had a nutty flavor with a hint of caramel. It’s not too strong and not too thick, which is actually what I would prefer. However, for a restaurant serving the Times Square crowd, playing it safe and mild is the smart way to go.

Old Red Nose Ale
This dark red / mahogany has a 5.75% ABV and has a hint of spiciness that one would expect from a winter brew. It has a strong flavor and a long finish. Probably one of my favorite of Heartland’s offerings but it’s only available in November and December.

Spicy Ginger Ale
Heartland, along with their beer, offer up home made sodas. The wife, not really a fan of beer, decided to try to Spicy Ginger Ale. While she mixed it with a shot of Crown Royal for a little holiday afternoon cheer its overt spicy ginger appeal makes it good on it’s own. The soda is closer in flavor to a ginger beer than regular old ginger ale and I bet it would be amazing heated up on a cold winter’s day.


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