Magic Hat Brewery

On a recent trip to Burlington, VT with Rob and Kyle from Idle Hands and Billy Hurricane’s, respectively, I got at a chance to stop by the Magic Hat Brewery. For the full story, click here to read it on our sister site; Burger Conquest.

In the meantime, enjoy some reviews of 2 of my favorite Magic Hat Brews.

– Summer Seasonal
– 4.50% ABV
– Brewed w/ beet sugar, pale malts, Columbus hops, fermented with an English Ale strain.

REV SAYS -It’s a little sweet with an odd smattering of spicy flavors that you can’t quite put your finger on. Can’t say I could drink this for an entire day but if you want a sixer of something unique, try this beer.

– American Hefeweizen
– 4.50% ABV

REV SAYS – This is Magic Hat’s Hefeweizen. also known as an American Pale Wheat Ale. Its crisp, bold and smells of delicious fruits and malts. The Magic Hat Brewery, never to have a boring brew, makes sure that the Circus Boy is just a little more freaky than everyone else. But they say that’s all in the name.


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