Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale

Just as we were installing the flat panel TVs in Idle Hands, the folks from the Peak Organic Brewery paid us a visit. They are 100% family owned and operated with a strong belief in sustainability. Not a single one didn’t move our microbrew needle but the one that really set our kettle’s off was the Espresso Amber Ale.

– American Amber / Red Ale
– 7% ABV
– Portland, ME
– THEY SAY: A robust amber ale brewed with locally roasted, organic fair trade espresso with help from our friends down the street at Coffee by Design. This malty amber ale is brewed with substantial amounts of Munich Malt, providing a perfect backbone for the rich, roasty flavor imparted by the espresso.Peak Espresso Amber is the first Fair Trade Certified beer brewed in the United States. Read more here.

REV SAYS – This is the hand grenade of beers; pull the tab, take a sip and wait for the flavor explosion! it will take a few sips to fully appreciate the intense flavors of this beer. With each bottle containing the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of coffee, this beer surely cures hangovers.


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