Hair of the Dog Fred

As we work on narrowing down what our initial beer list will be, we’re learning a lot about beer. While doing a search on high rated beers, we stumbled across the Hair of the Dog Brewery. This brewery is located in Portland, OR and run by 3 intense beer fans out of their garage. Their beers although very hard to get outside of Portland, have very high ratings and in fact, some places rank them at 100 out of 100. We knew we had to try this beer. Thankfully, it is available in NYC and our friends at American Beer Distributors brought us one to try.

– Golden Special Ale
– 10% ABV
– Portland, OR
– THEY SAY: Fred was created to honor beer writer and historian Fred Eckhardt. This golden strong ale incorporates ten hop varieties from five different countries. Through the use of aromatic and rye malt, the beer achieves a unique balance of flavor. We hope that Fred will inspire you to share your knowledge with others as Fred has with us. Fred is 10% alcohol by volume.

REV SAYS – This is the Warped Tour of beers. It’s never the same, it’s always awesome, it doesn’t come around all that often, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and its pure intensity and madness. No 2 sips taste the same!


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